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Lasik Eye Surgery Side Effects

Lasik Eye surgery is one of the most sought after option in correcting the vision. More and more people are exploring this option and many are opting for the surgery. It is quite evident that people generally prefer this surgery as there is no cut, bleeding or any other complications. But that does not mean that there is no Lasik eye surgery Side Effects.

Various researches have shown that there is indeed few Lasik eye surgery Side Effects which can follow this surgery. Although the occurrence is quite rare but you should get insight into them if you want to have over all view about this surgery. So here we are listing some of the side effects that are associated with Lasik Eye Surgery:

List Of General LASIK Eye Surgery Side Effects:

  1. General discomfort: many people initially observed some discomfort immediately after the surgery. It can be the blurred images or some dizziness. But after some time these issues tend to subside and people can function normally.
  2. Glare effect: In the beginning, there are people who complain about the glare effect when they see any bright object. It can be uncomfortable to the person and hence it is suggested to avoid sunlight for few weeks.
  3. Seeing halos around the images: Some people also mention that after the surgery they see halo around the images that is they see blurry contour around each object. This can be a temporary side effect and when the eyes recovered from the surgery completely these issues fade away.
  4. Difficulty while driving in the night: Yes, after the surgery, the people are suggested to avoid driving in the night as the eyes are still adjusting to the corrected vision. It might take considerable time for the people to come in normal terms when it comes to driving in the night.
  5. Fluctuation in vision: people might register fluctuation in the vision. They sometime have clear vision and then they have faded vision. Such side effects are common and they tend to go away with time.
  6. Dry eyes: Dry eyes can be another issue that might occur after the surgery. The doctor can provide the patient with eye drops that will keep this problem at bay. These side effects are also more prominent in the initial days after the surgery. Over time it tends to diminish completely. Hence, there is no need to panic if you face such issues. All you need to do is consult your doctor and get his advice.

It is quite clear that if you are aware often side effects then you will be confident about the whole process. The knowledge about the side effects gives you the realistic picture so that you know what to expect after the surgery. Also you should be aware that once you opt for the Lasik eye surgery it cannot be reversed. All you need is another surgery to make the correction. Hence, you need to be very vigilant while seeking the apt surgeon for you so that you can minimise the risk and the side effects of this surgery.

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