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LASIK Eye Surgery Facts, Myths And Infographics

More than an optical curative measure, LASEK or Laser epithelial keratomileusis surgery is a procedure that brings plethora of benefits. LASEK is primarily comprised of two most prevalently performed surgeries -PRK and LASIK. Both of them are conducted to correct astigmatism, which is nearsightedness or Myopia, farsightedness or Hyperopia and mixed astigmatism. With flawless LASIK eye surgery is now feasible to throw away glasses and contact lenses forever. The process is undoubtedly cost effective, painless and for maximum patients it yields positive outcomes.

Lasik Eye Facts:

Now for those who do not have ,adequate knowledge about this surgical process, here we bring few facts of LASIK eye.

  • The surgery makes use of low-level laser to change the design of the cornea, which is basically a transparent covering. Patients suffering from astigmatism (far and near sightedness) are having cornea disorder and so they suffer indistinct vision depending upon distance. When the cornea is treated and corrected using LASIK, patients get rid of their predicament and gain either 20/40 or 20/20 vision.
  • Patients who are having cataract problems can very well fall back on Lasik. People having cataract start losing their vision at a fast pace and before they could treat their eyes, they lose their vision forever. Cataract occurs when calcium builds up right behind the cornea, when this build up damage cornea the patient loses vision permanently.
  • Often growing age affects vision and force eyes lose its intrinsic capacity. Growing age causes distress and compel cornea to lose shape, structure and potency, in such situation Lasik comes as an Angle’s wand to reshape cornea and help it gain full power and potency. However, for growing age often it takes time little longer than expected, but the end result is confirmed to be positive.
  • Although PRK is known to cause little pain and irritation during and after the surgery, but LASIK is out and out painless. Patients after having LASIK are seen to be experiencing no aftermath trauma and their discomfort does not last long, within a week or ten days patient recovers without undergoing any side effect, however the situation may get worse if the patient is having health conditions like Diabetic and severe Heart problem.
  • LASIK is not meant for all those who are having dry eye problem, few having specific corneal disorder must not go for Lasik as it may not correct the problem rather worsen the situation once and for all. So before treating the eyes with Lasik it is required for patients to visit the a board-certified ophthalmologist who are proficient in dealing with such surgery. Self analysis and independent judgment for having such surgery may drive one to detrimental outcomes.
  • Like any other surgery, Lasik is not without side effects, complications may arise, such as under correction, making the pupil off center, cornea damage, over correction and infection. So before having the surgery done make sure the ophthalmologist who will be conducting your surgery is clinically certified. So its better to ask direct questions, about his experience and his success rate.

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LASIK Eye Surgery Myths:

There are few myths prevalent in the market, about LASIK eye surgery, few such myths are discussed below:

  • LASIK is unbearably painful – People are scared of LASIK, but while having the surgery the eyes are numbed, so pain won’t be felt.
  • LASIK can make you blind – There will be no such case of blindness if the surgeon is proficient.
  • If LASIK fails, nothing can be done to repair it – More than 97% of Lasik patients are satisfied so there is no case of failure.

LASIK can bring long term side effects which may continue all through – Out and out a wrong conception as Lasik comes with no side effects.

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LASIK Eye Infographics Bangalore 2015:

Lasik Eye Surgery 2015 Infographic

Lasik Eye Surgery 2015 Infographic

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