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Lasik Eye Surgery Cost In Bangalore

The medical advances have now given us many boons. We are now very grateful to this result-oriented and problem solving field that impresses all those who come into its shrine. In this, Lasik Eye Surgery has created is own fan following with the promise of eliminating the need of eye wear completely and giving way to the natural vision all over again. Moreover, with the minimum chance of side effects and complication, it is becoming the favourite of people across the globe.

There are now many people who seek Lasik Eye surgery and it is really important that if you are also considering this surgery then you are well aware of its various dimensions like location, cost, technology, experience of surgeon etc. Moreover, you should also we well aware of the treatment procedure that would be under taken so that you can be clear about the expectations and the financial bottom line. If you are also seeking the Lasik Eye surgery cost in Bangalore then you have landed on the right place.

There are different aspects and treatment procedures in the Lasik Eye Surgery. Hence, the Lasik Eye Surgery Bangalore cost tends to vary from each option to another and Hospitals to Hospitals. Hence, here we are going to provide you a bird eye view of the treatment and the average cost:

Lasik Eye Surgery Bangalore Cost:

  1. The customised Femtosecont Lasik can cost you from Rs. 80000 to Rs. 90000 for both the eyes that means you have to pay approximately 1300 Euro or 1600 USD.
  2. There is also the provision of Customised Lasik surgeries that uses the conventional Microkeratome that cost you form Rs. 45000 to 50000 for both your eyes.
  3. The rate of optimised Lasik ranges between Rs. 25000 to Rs. 35000 for both eyes.
  4. There is also age related correction that can be opted for the people with more than 45 years of age. They need to pay Rs. 10000 for each above mentioned surgery.
  5. There are people who seek corneal Cross Linking as well that might be for one ye or both their eyes. The cost is Rs. 20000 for one yes and Rs. 35000 for both the eyes.
  6. The standard changes can range from Rs. 300 to 500 per eye that includes the payment for the aberrometry. Pachmetry etc.
  7. You can also seek the printouts of the reports of the consultation at Rs. 1500.

It is to be noted that this cost is just the approximate one and the treatment charges tend to vary from clinic to clinic. To avoid any type of confusion, you should have thorough information about the cost and procedures beforehand. It is therefore imperative that you proactively seek the right information. Selecting the clinic and the treatment is crucial aspects so is the expert surgeons. Before making your decision you should make thorough search and consultation after all it is the question of your eyes and vision. You certainly don’t want to make any careless decision in this regard. So choose wisely and conscientiously to make way for fruitful results.

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