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Welcome to Lasik Eye Surgery in Bangalore , Bangalore Top Specialist Guide

Bangalore is considered to be the most sought after place when it comes to seeking the medical treatments. In the recent times it has become world famous for its impeccable Lasik Eye Surgery which has garnered lot of attention on the national and international level. Now people across the globe are seeking Lasik Eye Surgery Bangalore Clinic Details so that they can make way for the best eye treatment.

So for your ease we are here providing you the Lasik Eye Surgery Bangalore Clinic Details for you to explore the various aspects of these clinics and make your decision accordingly.

Nethradhama Eye Hospital

080 43332555

66, Indira Nagar Double Road, HALIi Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Dr Agarwal Hospital

080 22240736

15, Longford Road, Eagle Street, Near-V G Hospital, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
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Lasik Eye Advantage

Lasik eye surgery is considered to be a great blessing in the arena of medical sciences and now more and more people are seeking this treatment to correct their eyesight. There read any of us who would like to know about the Lasik Eye Surgery Advantage so that they can make way for the apt decision making.

1. You get vision correction

2. Get Rid of lenses and specs

3. Lasik eye surgery gives immediate results

4. Recovery is also very quick

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Lasik Eye Surgery Bangalore Cost

There are different aspects and treatment procedures in the Lasik Eye Surgery. Hence, the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost tends to vary from each option to another. Also different Hospitals have different price. Hence, here we are going to provide you a bird eye view of the treatment and the average cost:

There is also the provision of Customised Lasik surgeries that uses the conventional Microkeratome that cost you form Rs. 45000 to Rs 50000 for both your eyes.

The rate of optimised Lasik ranges between Rs. 25000 to Rs. 35000 for both eyes.


Lasik Eye Surgery FAQS

How do I know if Iā€™m a candidate for Laser Vision Correction?

You must first consult an eye specialist before you choose Laser Vision Correction therapy. You should not suffer from problems such as cataracts, diabetic glaucoma, conjunctivitis, or any other infection and should complete 21 years. Vision should not be blurred at least for one year. Pregnant women should check their hormonal levels because due to hormonal imbalance, the shape of their eye should not be affected. Do not choose Laser Vision correction, if you are suffering from the poor autoimmune system.